Benefits of access control:

Access Control

- Multiple device options for new and existing entry points.  These devices      include magnetic locks, door strikes, motorized gates, turnstiles, PIR            motion detectors, Request to Exit buttons, loop sensors and many more!

- Multiple credentialing hardware and interfaces including key cards, key        fobs, biometrics, keypads, and digital credentialing. 

- Eliminate the need for physical keys and the changing of locks when keys    are lost or stolen

- Easily customize access to different areas on a group or per user basis

- Utilize the easy to use reporting software to deliver the analytics of                personnel movement

- Easily integrate with new or existing security, HR, time management, and      video surveillance systems.

In today’s day and age, controlling physical access to a facility has become a top priority for many businesses.  Access Control systems are quickly becoming the most common tool utilized to secure entry into many different establishments.  This is the best way to help secure your assets and to provide a safe environment for your employees and visitors.