Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) 

partnerships allow for Garland to offer cloud-based services that fit your needs.  Work with our cloud experts to see how SaaS solutions can benefit your business. 

Embrace the cloud.

Garland is here to work with you.  Our professional services range from remote to deskside support, evaluating, planning, budgeting, and execution of projects.  We’re here to help make IT work for you! 

Modernize your network.

Trust your network and data to Garland’s 100+ years of collective industry experience.  Let us run a risk assessment to identify failing hardware, points of attack for hackers, uncover exploits for patching, and increase the resiliency of your network by applying best practices.  With Garland as your information technology partner, we will help you plan and budget for a network that not only performs under stress but excels.

Break away from consumer grade hardware.  Garland partners with all major wholesalers to bring you the solutions you need to lead your industry.  Improve your connection speeds, harden your network security, and make your information technology a core strength instead of a cost center.

Managed Services

Be Antifragile:

Partners who care.