Nurse call system features include:
      • Plunger(Bedroom/Living Room), Pull                                  cord(Bathroom), and Pendant installation 
      • Building Positioning Systems(BPS)
      • Ability of mobile alerting to health care personnel
      • System integrations with existing telephone and                  emergency management systems
      • Integrations with Access Control Systems
      • Multiple alerting capabilities through mediums such            as iphones, Ascom,  wall mounted kiosks, and

Nurse Call

Mass Notification


There comes a time in life when our loved ones may need a little assistance in their day to day lives.  As Garland Communications Systems is a family owned company, we pride ourselves in installing the most up to date nurse call/ call bell systems to help assist those who maintain the safety of our loved ones.

Paging and intercom systems are the gold standard for delivering information simultaneously throughout your building or campus.  These systems are adaptable, capable of delivering crucial public address information as well as background music through institutions such as offices, factories, schools, grocery stores, outdoor venues, restaurants, and warehouses.

We are well versed in both 24 and 70 volt systems.  We can accommodate any request utilizing equipment such as amplifiers, PBX integrations, VoIP integrations, music sources, times bells, emergency tone generators, ceiling speakers, horn speakers, outdoor rated speakers, loud bells, microphones, line matching transformers, and many more!!We are ready and equipped to adopt your existing paging system or engineer a new state of the art solution for your business.