A high percentage of the problems experienced with voice, data and video transmissions can be traced to connectivity problems. A properly structured cabling design by well trained engineers will provide for performance, reliability, and investment protection for your company.

Structured wiring is the highway to deliver all of your organization's information. A system that is poorly designed, inefficiently installed, or out-of-date hinders the performance, profitability and client satisfaction in your organization. Remember that your system is as strong as it's weakest link. We install horizontal, backbone and zone wiring systems.

Structured wire is the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends.
       • Longest life cycle
       • Lowest cost network component
       • Prevents costly downtime
       • Simplicity for future changes

Voice - Structured wiring for voice, modem, paging, terminal, fax and other applications.

Data - Structured wiring systems for local area network, host, terminal, data collection, factory 

           automation, DSL, internet access, building connection, and many other applications.

Fiber Optics - Backbone and workstation cable systems using single or multimode fiber. We offer a

                        variety of fiber optic systems for unique applications at a competitive rate.


Customer service is the number one priority in all of the business world.  One of the most important facets of customer service is fast and reliable communication with the customer.  The telephone is one of the most widely used avenues for communications, therefore it is also one of the most important.  Garland Communication Systems is ready to provide the most robust and technologically advanced Telecommunication solutions on the market.  Services that can be provided with a GCS installed telephone system include:

       • Analog, Digital, and IP telephones

       • Fully integrated voicemail

       • Automated Attendant Services

       • Voicemail to e-mail

       • Integrations with POTS, PRI, and SIP Trunk services

       • Speed Dial and Directory Services

       • Remote call forwarding and mobile twinning

       • Simple and advanced conferencing and transferring abilities

       • PC client telephony

       • Call Accounting

       • Training/Protection Call Record Services

       • Fax/modem Services

       • Multi-Site Interconnections


As time moves forward, so does technology.  The internet is now an integral part of everyday life, and this stands most true in the business world.  Webinars, email, and data sharing are now a staple in the corporate world.  Whether you have a small office, a campus, or a multisite working environment, Garland Communication Systems is equipped to install a complete, secure, and robust network in your place of business.  Networking services include:

       • Local Area Networks(LAN)

       • Wireless Local Area Networks(WLAN)

       • Firewalls and data security hardware

       • Router and Switching Hardware

       • Power over Ethernet(PoE)

       • Virtual Private Networks(VPN)

       • Virtual Local Area Network(VLAN)

       • Centralized Data Storage

       • Network Attached Storage(NAS)

        • Off Premise Backups

       • Wireless Bridging

       • Network Printer Installation


PC Services Include:

      • Virus Removal

      • Format of HDD

      • Installation of components

      • Commercial Workstation Sales and Support

      • Installation of OS and software

      • Printer and Peripheral Installation

      • Commercial Server Installation and Support


There comes a time in life when our loved ones may need a little assistance in their day to day lives.  As Garland Communications Systems is a family owned company, we pride ourselves in installing the most up to date nurse call/ call bell systems to help assist those who maintain the safety of our loved ones.

Nurse call system features include:

      • Plunger(Bedroom/Living Room), Pull cord(Bathroom), and Pendant installation 

      • Building Positioning Systems(BPS)

      • Ability of mobile alerting to health care personnel

      • System integrations with existing telephone and emergency management systems

      • Integrations with Access Control Systems

      • Multiple alerting capabilities through mediums such as iphones, wall mounted kiosks and



Mass notification is an integral component of the industrial world.  Mass notification services include:

      • Integrations with any telecommunication system

      • Wiring and Hardware Installation

      • Integrations with music sources, time bells, and emergency tone generators

      • 70V and 24V services available


Asset protection is important to any business. GCS is ready to partner with you to help

you defend your business against theft trespassing, etc. 

Security services include:

      • Network Video Recorders(NVR)

      • Digital Video Recorders(DVR)

      • Analog, Digital, and IP Camera Installation

      • Remote Viewing Capabilities

      • Alarm Panels w/ motion detectors, glass break detectors, fire/smoke detectors, window

         & door sensors

      • Monitoring Services

      • Access Control including magnetic locks, door strikes, keypads, RTE buttons, and motion sensors

      • Apartment Entry Systems 

What We Provide...

Your Communication Solutions Are Only A Call Away!

•  Networking
• Computer Repair
• CCTV & Alarm Systems
• Nurse Call
• Access Control
•  Website Design

• Residential & Commercial

• Installation & Repair

• Maintenance

• Upgrades

• Voice Over IP(VOIP)

•  Structured Cabling

     • Copper

     • Fiber Optics

Some of Our Valued Customers....

Installations are supported by extended warranties which guarantees your structured cabling system and certifies both end to end performance and application assurance for you. Our technicians are certified on every product installation that we engineer and are well trained on the industry structured cabling standard ANSI/EIA/TIA-568. Depending on your requirements, you can select from a mix of services that include:

  • Design and engineering of a complete end to end structured cabling system to meet any       communication need.
  • The development of cable management records            for your facility.
  • Installation, termination, and certification of any Copper premises cabling including: Gigaspeed, Category 3, Category 5/5e, Category 6, Category 6A, Category 7, CATV, and Ethernet.
  • Installation, termination, splicing (mechanical or fusion) and certification of Fiber Optics to the desktop or as a component of your structured cabling system including both single and multi-mode fiber.

All wiring is tested, certified, documented and guaranteed for 15 years. This warranty does not cover damage caused by lightning, fire, flood, cable being cut or re-arranged by anyone other than a Garland Communications Systems technician, or customer abuse.

Garland Communication Systems can provide:

  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Pathway Construction
  • Telecommunication Closet Construction
  • Backbone Cable Plant
  • Installation, maintenance, renovation, demonlition, and emergency repair.

For Outside Plant, we can provide:

  • Aerial
  • Underground
  • Wireless

• Residential Homes, Apartments, Condos and High Rises

• Banks, Investment Firms and Financial Institutions

• Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Offices

• Architectural and Engineering Firms

• Restaurants, Supermarkets and Food Processing

• Federal, State and Local Governments

• News Paper, Magazine, Graphic Artists and Printers

• Package Delivery Companies and Distributors

• Internet Companies and Service Providers